World Beyond

The heroes are from the World Beyond, but know little beyond the areas they were familiar with before arriving in The Castaways.

Known Locations

Kazar Mountains

A vast mountainous region north of the Plains of Araby and northwest of the Forest of Onandonga.

It sparsely settled, but is home to Goliaths, Dwarves, and Giants.

The Cult of Jugurtha is known to be digging a temple out of the side of a mountain here.

The Starlight monastery is located here, though it is thought to have been destroyed by a surprise attack from the monks of the Icefall monastery aided by the Cult of Jugurtha

Plains of Araby

A vast and fertile region home to many city-states. The two most prominent are Caldev and Axum. Caldev is home to a prominent temple dedicated to [[Religion of the Four Winds]. Axum is home to ziggurat constructed by the Cult of Jugurtha.

Forest of Onandonga

A deciduous forest east of the Plains of Araby and southeast of the Kazar Mountains. It is home to Wood Elves. It is thought that most of the Wood Elves were killed or captured by the Cult of Jugurtha.

World Beyond

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