The Church of the Four Winds

The Four Winds are worshipped both as a four-faced deity (each face point a different direction on one head) or as separate aspects. Each aspect is associated with a cardinal direction, an element, a gender, a boon, a bane, and a color. The aspects are:

Direction: North
Element: Water (Ice)
Gender: Female
Boon: Plenty
Bane: Want
Color: Blue

Direction: South
Element: Earth (Acid)
Gender: Male
Boon: Renewal
Bane: Decay
Color: Green

Direction: East
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Boon: Love
Bane: Hate
Color: Red

Direction: West
Element: Air (Lightning)
Gender: Female
Boon: Luck
Bane: Disaster
Color: White

The Church of the Four Winds

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