The Castaways


The Castaways are a vast archipelago of dissimilar islands somewhere in the south of the oceans of the World Beyond

Magical Nature

The Castaways are highly magical in nature. This magic is pervasive and has two main effects:

*Once people travel to the Castaways they cannot leave permanently. Magical currents will pull them back to the Castaways within two weeks if they escape.
*The Castaways are subject to whirlpool-like effect that makes it difficult to sail away from them, to navigate among them, and exerts a pull on ships and creatures that come close to them.


General consensus is that the islands of the Castaways were either created or transported from other locations and modified by the Atlanteans using magic. Their civilization has since fallen, but the magic exerted on the archipelago remains in effect.

Known Islands

The Castaways

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