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The Scenario

You awaken on a distant shore. Your head throbs and you feel as if you might vomit. You can’t remember how you got here, your name, or where you came from. You are dressed in water-logged rags. The exposed parts of your body are tanned and covered with lash marks. There are others on the beach dressed like you awakening as well. Their lips and mouths are stained midnight blue from some vile liquid.

You are surrounded by the wreckage of a ship—splintered timbers, broken oars, and frayed tackle. There are shackles still attached to your feet. There is a dead man on the shore as well, strangled by netting and impaled with a broken piece of wood. He has a gold nose ring, a whip, and a helmet shaped like a bull’s head. A smashed clay tube in the midst of you all has a wet parchment that is becoming less legible by the moment as the ink smudges. One of you takes it and makes out the following written in Common:

To my beloved ******************* I am sorry for *************************** Some of us can tolerate the **************** They keep us ************************* Sometimes the **************** doesn’t work and one will wake up. I hope you do and ********* They say they are taking us to ***************************** Help *****************************************

As you try to piece together what happened to you and if you are the letter’s intended recipient your attention is brought to the present by rustling in the trees a few yards inland from the shore. A troop of baboons is peering down from the trees and barking at you. The largest males snarl and show their teeth. They drop from the trees and begin to charge.


The two main regions of the campaign are The Castaways and the World Beyond.


The known factions are:

The heroes are:

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